Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New-Vamp Skins

Dark and vampy skins. The eyeshadow is typical black, but with a bright, opalescent streak of color across the lid. Cheek blush matches the general theme, and the lips are multi-tonal with darker liner blended at the edges. Shown here in Pale (appropriate for Vamp, no?)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Much teeshirtness!

I totally forgot to post about these. I made a bunch of new graphic tees as separates. Still in the greyscale colors, I'll probably release a color pack of the Yeah. So, coming up, the Wings Tees and the Graphics Tees.

New Skins:Element Series

A new four-set theme of skins. This time, the four cardinal elements:Air, Earth, Fire, Water. Each has slightly opalescent eyeshadow, in colors fitting the theme of the element, with blush and lipstick to match. Comes in all four skintones, but I'll only show you the Tan here today (showed Light last skin post).

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I maked some vinyl goodiness! One set of outfits, and one set of just pants. The belts are studded with little stars to match the buckle.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Beater Tops!

I couldn't help it, I had to! You know...for a side project, this is certainly hogging alot of my time!! Here are the beater tops in packs of shirts. The black and white beater tops come in a three pack, with cool graphics in bright colors. The color pack has a rainbow of colored beaters inside (plus the yellow, which I forgot.)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Comfy Time!

Ever had one outfit that was just a teeshirt and sweats, that were just worn in perfectly? You'd done everything in them, even paint? Well, now your avi can too. Introducing Spatter't. Because they're spatter't with paint silly!


My first makeup set was just made to go perfectly with my plaid outfits. No...really...they were. Comes in four shades: Pale, Light, Tan, and Dark.


Well, I finally got my act together and started making some fun clothing that I've been wanting to make for a good long time. Outfits to make me smile between all those fantasy rp outfits. So, with the first post, I'll intro you to the first three outfits. So hang on, long post ahead!

Plaid Overall Dress
Its exactly what it sounds like folks. A plaid dress with overall type straps. Big, shiny buttons accent the straps. The skirt is flexi, with a pleated look. Oh, and uh, go get some sunglasses. You might need them for these four colors. :D

Sorta like Dragnet....but not really. Another cute plaid outfit, this one comes with a shorty top, low-cut, pleated mini-skirt, and a fishnet overshirt and stockings. Again with the sunglasses!

After 8 years in military school, you'd think I never want to see camo again, but this is so untrue! I love the casual comfy look of camo. And I LOVE the way these tank tops came out. Expect to see a release of them in more colors, and with graphics. The pants and smooth skirt both feature a tank belt buckle on the studded belt (hence the name).